What is

What is Page365?

"Page365 is an all-in-one, free management system designed for online sellers. It streamlines all aspects of online sales, including consolidating chats from various sales channels, processing orders and payments, tracking shipments, and managing inventory. With Page365, you can efficiently handle all of your store's needs in one easy-to-use system. Plus, it helps to improve the credibility and trustworthiness of your store."

How Page365 can help you?

Answer customer inquiries with our chat integration system
  • Collect customer chats from Facebook and Instagram in one place
  • No need to switch between apps or worry about missing messages
  • Use shortcut keys to avoid typing the same sentence repeatedly
  • Send broadcast messages to groups of customers
  • Use chatbot to automatically respond to messages during store closures and holidays
  • Use SMS to keep customers updated on their order status
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Simplify Your Order Process with Our Online Billing System
  • Manage orders on the chat page
  • Provide customers with all the details they need, including a summary of their orders
  • Send bill links directly to their inbox or as a direct message
  • Alert customers of available payment methods as soon as the bill is opened
  • Organize bills by order status
  • Automatically save customer names and addresses
  • Print purchase orders, shipping labels, and receipts
  • Keep a history of orders for easy reference
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Handle live broadcasts and bills with our LIVE selling system, even while on camera.
  • Extract comments from live broadcasts, photos, videos, and MINE messages via chat channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • Automatically open invoices and send them to customers when they request a "MINE" or "Product Code" with a summary of the product amount
  • Send invoices directly to their inbox or as a direct message
  • See the number of MINE products immediately after the live broadcast
  • The system automatically counts the reservation amount
  • Automatically notify customers when a product that has been MINE'd is out of stock or the product header is incorrect
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Enjoy a range of payment options to suit your needs
  • Support direct bank transfers to your bank account
  • Accept debit cards from various banks
  • Offer COD payment options
  • Sends email and app notification when customer paid
  • Requires slips as proof of transfer from customers
  • Support a variety of banks
  • Make it easy for customers to complete their payments
Deliver parcel with ease using PAGE365 EXPRESS

  • Connect with top transport companies like J&T Express
  • Enjoy cheaper parcel delivery costs
  • Choose to drop off or have your package picked up
  • Get quick and efficient delivery without waiting in line
  • Pay for shipments later and automatically save tracking numbers
  • Check your COD balance with the courier directly
  • No need to worry about remaining COD in the system
Keep track of your inventory easily with our comprehensive solution

  • Track products in and out and keep track of outstanding stock in a systematic way
  • Add multiple SKU product designs and receive notifications when products are almost out of stock
  • Update stock in real-time and check your inventory anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically reduce stock levels when customers place an order
  • Pull stock data and download it as an Excel file to help plan and improve sales in the future
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Track your store's performance with our sales summary page
  • Identify your best-selling products and track delivery forms
  • See sales data both broadly and in-depth, and view statistics over time as desired
  • Download the report as a .CSV file and view in Excel
  • Easily create and improve sales plans
  • Gain valuable insights to drive success and grow your business
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Gain complete control over your business with our comprehensive admin management solution
  • Save the admin who replied to a chat in the conversation
  • Check which message and who replied
  • Assign tasks to admins
  • Forward chats or orders to other admins
  • Admin's sales report summarizes the number of customers received and ability to close sales
  • Use report for job evaluation and commission calculation for admins
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Use the PAGE365 STORE website for free

  • Pull products from Facebook Page and Instagram to be displayed on your online store website
  • Easily create a store website without hiring a web writer or needing any coding knowledge
  • Customers can place orders immediately using the shopping cart system
  • Receive orders in the Page365 system in one place
  • Support website naming or domain registration
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What is

Sign up easily and securely

At Page365, we prioritize the security and data protection of our customers above all else. To ensure the highest level of security, we have invested in advanced systems and technologies. All of our data is encrypted and stored in a secure data center in Singapore. We also use international standards like SSL to make data connections on platforms like Facebook and Line safe and worry-free. In fact, our security standards are equivalent to those used by leading banks around the world, known as High Assurance SSL. We take every measure to ensure that our customers' information is kept secure and protected.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a widely accepted and trusted method for securing data. It is used by financial institutions and other websites that require a high level of security around the world. SSL works by encrypting data, with higher security levels featuring more layers of encryption. This means that only the owner of the information (who has the necessary username and password) can access their own information. To check if a website uses SSL, look for a padlock icon in the URL box after entering the webpage. This indicates that the connection is secure and encrypted.

Permission to connect to FACEBOOK

To connect to a user's information on Facebook, we follow Facebook's standards and request permission at the time of signup. This ensures that users can trust that their data is kept secure and encrypted in the most stringent way, with even Page365 employees unable to access it. We take every precaution to ensure the security of our users' data.

Why Page365 is available for free use?

Page365 aims to help all online stores, regardless of their size or financial resources, including those that are just starting out and are unable to pay for services.

At Page365, we offer a variety of packages to accommodate the needs of different sellers. Our free package is ideal for those just starting out or seeking an all-in-one management system at no cost. We also offer a Solo package for more established sellers, which includes self-service and shared server options at an affordable price. For larger stores that require staff support and a private server, we offer Pro, SME, and Enterprise packages. Our packages offer a range of features and benefits, which you can view on our website. Our goal is to make our platform and services accessible to all sellers, and we offer a free trial before you decide to upgrade to a paid package. If you're interested in trying out Page365, simply sign up for free!