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Free auto-generated E-commerce website
that connects with your Facebook Page and Instagram Shop

Create your Online Selling Website

Page365 website storefront
Automatically add your products from your Facebook page to your Web store for customers to choose and shop with. The shopping cart system allows online sellers to have a more organized e-commerce website.  Page365 store has an FB chat widget embedded allowing you to communicate with your customers easily.

Online Billing in one dashboard

stock management dashboard
Manage Online Billings with all the functions that your online store needs. Page365 system helps online seller chat and open bills easily.
Customers can order products on the website or order products from your social media page.  Page365 allows online seller to manage all orders in one place.

Auto Update to the Stock System

stock management dashboard
Whenever your shop has a sale, your  Page365 Store automatically sync and update your stock inventory after an online bill has been made. Page365 provides a system that connects to the stock of products at your e-commerce website, allowing you to have an easier online selling experience.

How to open your Page365 website to sell online?

set up page365 website storefront step 1

1. Add products and details

Page36 supports importing product photos from Facebook Page, Instagram Shop, and photos from your computer or mobile phone.
If you have bulk products to upload, please click here to see instructions.

To create a product, the following information must be entered into the system: Product name, product details, variants, mine code, product picture.

On website : Storefront > Product Category > Import Product > Fill product details
On Mobile : Stock > Create product > Upload new product image > Edit Product info

Learn more

set up page365 website storefront step 2

2. Set up your e-commerce website

Decorate your e-commerce website with your logo, cover photo, and store information.

On website :
Storefront > Manage Store
On Mobile : Home > Manage Store

set up page365 website storefront step 3

3. Connect to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels at your e-commerce website.

For online sellers, it is important to track the store traffic activities on the online sale pages.  This allows you to use the information for future marketing initiatives for your online business.

Page365 also provide the option to integrate  Facebook chat widget to your store. So customer can directly contact you at the storefront.

set up page365 website storefront step 4

4. Enable automated reply and Chatbot

Customize your own auto-reply message and message templates by enabling the feature by simply turning it on.

An Onlines seller will benefit a lot with the auto-reply system feature when setting up your own Page365 store. It allows you to setup and customize the following:
- Automated welcome message
- Chatbot
- Order Status update

Setting > Auto-reply system

An Online seller can also customize its Page365 store message template with photos.

Setting > Message Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

Do I need the credit card to register? How to upgrade?

All users can register to Page365 for free forever, no credit card needed. Whenever you want to upgrade, we accept various of payment methods such as credit card (charge in USD) or G-Cash (contact to customer service).

Does Page365 take percentage from my sales?

No. Page365 do not charge or take percentage from your sales. Sales go directly to your bank account.

How to register? How to create account for multiple pages?

You can easily register to Page365 for free by clicking START FREE. Then, connect your Facebook and Facebook Pages to Page365. Learn more

Is my data secured with Page365?

Our priority mission is to secure your data at utmost level. Our system has the world class standard security level also known as High Assurance SSL (same level as international banks). Learn more about our privacy policy