Send broadcast to customers safely on Facebook

Afraid of getting your page deleted when sending broadcast? With this feature, your page won't be at risk anymore!

Although the broadcast feature is handy for online sellers for mass communication, it still has limitations. According to Facebook policy, sellers can't send broadcast messages after 24 hours of the latest messages with their customers. Page365, collaborating with Facebook, has developed a new unique feature called "Safe Broadcasting" for online sellers using broadcast. With this feature, online sellers can send broadcast messages to their customers, including news, updates, and promotions, without the "after 24 hours" limit and without any risk of being blocked by Facebook.
Unlimited Safe Broadcasting - Page365

Unlimited use! Available for free!

Our users can now use our "safe broadcasting" feature without an additional charge.

Starting from our Free Package, online sellers can use this feature without the message receiver limit, plus other Page365's existing features included in the package.
Unlimited Safe Broadcasting - Page365
send invitation to customer

Send customizable broadcast invitation message

Online sellers can customize broadcast invitation messages to suit their usage and send schedules such as "send after the welcome message" or "send with an online bill," etc. This feature will automatically help online sellers increase their broadcast message receivers, which are potential customers.
send message after 24 hrs

Send broadcast messages safely without the"after 24 hours" limit

Online sellers can send broadcasts to all customers who have accepted the invitation for one daily broadcast message, even after the “24-hour rule” of Facebook.
Broadcasting can last up to 6 months even without existing customer conversation!

By using the shortcut key and then choosing "Safe broadcasting," online sellers can broadcast news, updates, and promotions and close sales immediately within the chat.
send message after 24 hrs
send image and text

Send broadcast both in messages and pictures

Our "Safe broadcasting" feature is capable of sending both messages and pictures, and this will make broadcasting content more attractive.
send message and text


The "Safe Broadcasting" feature is developed through a collaboration between Facebook and Page365, an official Meta Business Partner.
Want to know how to use the "Safe broadcasting" feature? - click Safe broadcasting (Beta)