Spark Conversations that Convert

Power your sales and elevate the customer experience - all in one place - with ads that click to message

Create Powerful Connections with Customers

By inviting people to launch a conversation with your brand on Facebook or Instagram, you can build a more personalized shopping experience and boost brand loyalty.

With just one click, customer can ask questions and even place order directly through business, helping you generate more leads, close more sales and optimize your campaigns.

You'll see benefits at every stage of the process:

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1. Consideration
Enable better discovery and answer customer inquiries in real time.

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2. Purchase
Generate more qualified leads and easily close sales since customers can buy products directly through chat.

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3. After purchase
Confirm orders and provide delivery details, all in the same chat.

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4. Brand loyalty
Optimize for purchase events and improve your ad campaigns based on customer journey insights.

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Get the Most of Ads that Click to Message with Page365

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Fully integrated platformsTake your business to the next level by using ads that click to message together with Page365. Our platform integrates with Meta Ads Manager to give you detailed insights into your customers, helping you optimize your ad campaigns to better reach your target audience.

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How it worksPage 365 sends purchase signals to Ads Manager based on key events in your customers’ journey. By chatting with customers in Messenger or on Instagram, you can create custom invoices for them and close transactions to trigger sales signals to Ads Manager. This information helps you build better lookalike audiences, drive repeat purchases and get your products seen by the people most likely to buy them.

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Get Detailed InsightsGet detailed insights into sales data sent from Page365 by filtering your ads report in Ads Manager. Set up your ads report to show only on-Facebook purchases to better understand how ads that click to message are driving conversations – and conversions – for your business.

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How to Create Ads that click to Message

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Get the most out of ads that click to message with Page365

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