Easy Stock Management

Effortlessly manage your store's products with our stock management system. Sell via chat, open bills, and access essential online seller functions in one comprehensive solution. Simplify and streamline your operations like never before.

stock managemnet

Connect to Marketplace

Manage product inventory across multiple social and e-commerce marketplaces with ease.

Connect inventory with Shopee, and TikTok Shop, using a single system without the need for cross-platform management.

Records every movement

record movement of product
Effectively manage incoming and outgoing products with our systematic stock management system. Seamlessly track and control your stock, ensuring a well-organized and efficient inventory management process.

Out of Stock Notification

notify when out of stock
Identify the product status in stock with quantity, availability for sale, almost out of stock, and out of stock. Also will notify immediately when the product is about to run out of stock.

Can add multiple SKUs

multiple SKU
You can divide products into distinct designs, colors, and sizes to your liking, and you have the ability to manage the inventory of each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) individually.
stock planning

Accurate planning on receiving new batch of products

A system that records every movement of the products that is coming in and out, and with numbers of notifications once a product is about to run out of stock, it helps the shop owner to execute a plan accurately on how to get items in the warehouse.

real time stock update

Real-time stock update

Immediately cut off the product from the stock once the product is ordered or opened a bill. Sellers can immediately know how many items are available to sell.

check stock anytime

Can check stock online anytime and anywhere

Wherever the seller is in every corner of the world sellers can check their stock anytime and anywhere. It works on both PC and Mobile (iOS and Android).

import/export stock

Increase the ability to manage stock (STOCK MANAGER)

Sellers no need to worry about missing out orders once one product is out of stock as sellers can choose to show the way to reserve a order freely with following options.

1. Display out of stock label
The system displays a message that the product is out of stock, unable to order the item and needs to contact the seller.

2. Show contact button only
Customers cannot order products. The system will only display a button to contact the sellers.

3. Allow ordering
Customers can click to place an order or contact the seller for details.

import/export stock

Import stock and download as an Excel File

Able to download the stock list as an Excel (.csv) file for both the selected product list or download all stock information to use and conveniently plan to improve your store's sales plans in the future.

*available only on desktop

Limited offering!

Exclusively for Philippines users
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

Do I need the credit card to register? How to upgrade?

All users can register to Page365 for free forever, no credit card needed. Whenever you want to upgrade, we accept various of payment methods such as credit card (charge in USD) or G-Cash (contact to customer service).

Does Page365 take percentage from my sales?

No. Page365 do not charge or take percentage from your sales. Sales go directly to your bank account.

How to register? How to create account for multiple pages?

You can easily register to Page365 for free by clicking START FREE. Then, connect your Facebook and Facebook Pages to Page365. Learn more

Is my data secured with Page365?

Our priority mission is to secure your data at utmost level. Our system has the world class standard security level also known as High Assurance SSL (same level as international banks). Learn more about our privacy policy