Effortlessly connect your TikTok Shop's inventory with Page365 System

Connect your Tiktok shop's inventory with your social shops & Shopee stocks system accurately. Use one centralized inventory, no need to cross-platform.
Easy stock management
Page365's stock system allows you to manage your online product stocks sold on Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and TikTok Shop in one place without switching between platforms.

The system automatically updates stock information in the store, ensuring that your stock levels are always accurate across all stores. With this convenient feature, you no longer have to worry about mismatched stock levels.
Keep track of stock movements
Easily connect and manage stock information for products sold across social and marketplaces, including Shopee and TikTok Shop. The stock connection will include important details such as product names, SKUs, amounts, and prices.

With Page365's stock system, shop owners can monitor every inventory movement, including in, out, and available products, all in one place, making managing product stock easy and checking inventory levels anytime and anywhere.
Receive notifications about items that are out of stock.
Stay updated on your product inventory status, including the number of products available for sale, low stocks, and out of stock. With immediate notifications for low-stock products, store owners can manage their inventory on time to avoid running out of stock.

How to connect Tiktok stock to Page365 System?

Online stores can easily connect Tiktok stock with Page365 in just 3 steps.
1.Connect Page365 to Tiktok stock system
  • Select the menu "Settings."
  • Click "Connect to other Apps"
  • Click "Enable"& Connect TIKTOK
2.Request service permission and log in into Tiktok shop system
  • Click on "Sellers in Asia."
  • Select the country "Philippines."
  • Click "Next" to go to the login page of your TikTok Shop account.
  • Enter the phone number or email to log in to your TikTok Shop account.
  • Enter Password
  • Click "Login"
3.Pull product stock data from Tiktok shop into the Page365 stock system
  • The Page365 stock system ensures that your TikTok Shop's stock information and Shopee are always up-to-date and synchronized with the number of products on the platform. The product codes (SKUs) must match, and any updates made to the stocks on Tiktok will reflect on Page365's inventory page. Tiktok or Shopee logo will show to easily identify which platform the product is connected to.