Managing inventory for online seller

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Inventory management is a critical part of online business, ensuring your store has enough inventory and managing cost efficiency. Good inventory management system can help approach cost reduction. If you don’t know exactly how much product you have in real-time, you may end up having too much inventory on hand or not having enough inventory in stock. Inventory management systems may seem complicated and challenging for new online sellers. Is it difficult to manage inventory? Let’s find out how to effectively manage inventory.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is a systematic approach to storing and selling the right stock. When you keep track of sufficient inventory data, it will become your inventory database and provide you a useful data that helps you manage inventory conveniently. Inventory management system is an important foundation for business management and company growth. A well-managed inventory system helps your business grow faster.

How to Manage Inventory?

1. Audit Your Inventory

Count your inventory regularly to ensure that you have enough inventory in stock. Regardless of how much inventory you have, make it a point to audit your inventory in order to manage inventory precisely. You may lose out on business when items are out of stock or tie up in excess stock if you don’t know the right quantity of your products.

Page365 inventory system

2. Systematically Managing Products

Online businesses create different SKUs for their products to show a product’s details and differentiate products from each other.  It is important to have a good inventory management system to handle a significant number of SKUs. With a well-managed inventory system, online sellers can easily track the number of available products and analyze the remaining amounts of products by SKUs.

3. Low Stock Alert

Warehouses have multiple product variations and SKU codes. Therefore, it is important to know the remaining stock as it helps provide a clear overview of warehouse inventories. Many online businesses leverage low-stock alerts to notify them when there has been a significant change in their level of inventory. Stock alerts can help you ensure enough stock on hand to meet demand.

Page365 inventory system stock count

4. FIFO Warehouse Management Method

FIFO (first in, first out) inventory management is a method in which the oldest unit of inventory is sold first to keep a minimum amount of stock on hand, reduce the future cost of unsold inventory, and reduce the cost of stock expiring on your shelf.

5. Inventory Management System

Nowadays, there are many inventory management systems available. If you are looking for an inventory management solution, take a look at Page365. We provide an inventory management system with a back-end system for online selling; settling an invoice, billing, and managing inventory in which inventory consolidation page and low stock alert are provided. You can manage inventory both on your mobile phone and PC. Working anytime, anywhere through internet access.

These are 5 inventory management ideas that help online sellers save their time auditing inventory, reducing business management costs, and boosting their profit.

Better inventory management can increase sales and boost your business’s bottom line. Selling on multiple platforms and synchronizing your inventory across all channels easily with Page365, an all-in-one social commerce management system.

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