How to Design a Brand Logo with the Best Free Logo Makers

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Creating a brand logo—and sticking to a budget—can be difficult for small company owners who do not have the funds to hire a design team. Fortunately, you don't have to hire a professional designer to create a memorable logo.

In this blog, we'll walk you through 5 easy stages that any busy entrepreneur can use to develop the perfect brand logo. As well as the best free logo maker tools and design inspiration galleries to help you get started with your online business.

How to Make the Perfect Logo in 5 Easy Steps

1. Give Your Business a Name

If you still need to name your company, you should do so before you begin designing your logo. When using most online logo creators, the first step is to type in the company name since it will probably be part of the logo itself.

2. Develop Your Message

After you've decided on the appropriate name, it's time to think about your message. Consider what vital elements of your company you want to convey to potential clients. Consider your company's identity and what it stands for. For instance, are you a high-end luxury brand or trying to reach a younger, hipper crowd?

3. Establish Your Visual Identity

The following stage is to develop your company's personality and branding plan. Color, form, and logotype are examples of visual components that can be used in this context.

Be bold and try new typefaces, image/word layouts, and color palettes. This is the exciting part!

4. Examine the Competition

You'd be surprised how much you can learn from your competitors. It is critical to investigate what is available to determine what works and does not. You should also ensure that your company sufficiently separates itself from the competition.

5. Finalize Your Design

Before you finish making the perfect brand logo, find out which logos people trust the most, and once you've chosen a style, get feedback from trustworthy sources. You don't need to go crazy here; solicit some feedback from folks you know will be helpful and honest.

Ten Best Free Logo Maker

The online logo maker apps below can help you make the best logo for your business. No design experience? No worries.


This free logo maker has a straightforward design interface that enables logo creation in only a few minutes. Logognome offers a wide collection of fonts and shapes that can be changed depending on color and opacity, giving you many options for the appearance of your logo's text and design. You may also submit your own artwork for inclusion in your logo.

Each item you choose and customize from the collection can be changed in any way you want using a large blank canvas. After you finish making your logo, you might get a high-resolution PNG, PDF, or SVG file.


Designhill is a crowdsourcing site that lets people hold logo design contests on their website and gives people a free way to make logos online. Conducting a contest is a terrific approach to getting hundreds of original logo ideas cheaply.


Renderforest offers pre-designed templates and employs AI and machine learning algorithms to produce logo designs depending on your description and design choices. Provide a brief description of the kind of logo you like and enjoy the modification process.


Penji is a service for graphic design on demand that provides endless designs. You can ask a professional graphic designer for a personalized logo and ask for as many changes as you want at no extra cost, and this ensures that you will end up with a logo that you like.


Logojoy's online logo creator is free, but you'll have to pay to utilize the design if you find a suitable logo here. Pricing begins at $20.

After you buy a logo, they will give you all the files a designer would provide you, such as high-resolution PNGs and vector files that you can use online, in print, or however else you want.

Hipster Logo Generator

Look no further than the Hipster Logo Generator for free logos that are cool, logo-fashionable, and current. These designs will be popular with the coffee shop crowd.

The regular 600 x 500 px files are free to download, but higher-quality choices cost $5 (about as much as a half-caf, extra hot, no foam hipster latte).

Mark Maker

Even though Mark Maker's software is still a prototype, it is one of the most fun programs for making logos. It produces logos based on your company's name and then refines them depending on the input you offer by "liking" the designs you like.

The system attempts to learn your preferences and the visual language you choose to connect with your firm as you use it.


Vectr is a free graphics editor that makes creating and changing graphics easy and intuitive. Their design software is more advanced than most other options, but you don't need to know anything about graphic design to use it.

Vectr could be a good choice if you are okay with doing some of the design work yourself. If you need help, they also have a user guide and tutorials that explain their design tools, features, and shortcuts.

Plus, you don't have to pay extra to make all of the files you make high-resolution.


The free logo maker on LogoMakr has more than 1 million stock icons and hundreds of different fonts. In addition to the free logo creation, they offer logo redesign services for $195, custom logo design for $299, business card design for $259, and vector files for printing for $19.


Canva doesn't charge extra for high-resolution files, which is different from most free logo-making sites. Their library has a lot of free elements, and the ones that aren't free cost only $1.

The drag-and-drop interface of Canva is excellent for people who don't know much about design or have never done it before. Also, you can make your own logo right on your phone if you download their app.

Creating Your Perfect Brand Logo

Your business will be known by its logo, so it's essential to get it right. Make sure to create your logo on these logo maker apps we've given you here to make your perfect logo and define your dream brand.

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