Top 5 Chatbot Messengers

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Let Chatbot help you sell more for ​​online selling

Today’s online business is booming. Everyone is now selling online. Not only providing products for online selling, but sellers also have to communicate with customers all the time. With high competition in online business as well as high customers’ expectations that expect immediate answers, you may have lost an opportunity to close the sale if you reply to their messages late. Because of some limitations and errors caused by humans, the chatbot is developed to help humans in automatic responses.

best chatbot messenger - Page365
Today, Chris would like to introduce you to a “Best 5 Chatbots” – auto-reply assistant. A must-have for your online business to share with you in today’s content. But First, let’s know more about chatbot.

What is CHATBOT?

Chatbot or Auto-reply assistant is an auto-reply message system for applications and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Chatbot messenger is responsible to reply to customers’ messages, usually in commonly asked questions, to provide instant responses to customer queries and make them feel like a real-time response.

What are the advantages of CHATBOT?

1. Chatbot can assist sellers and give instant responses

Nowadays, customers can access products and services 24 houra a day. Unlike humans, chatbot isn’t limited by the need to sleep, have a life outside work, or have a day off. It is available around the clock, allowing customers to get in touch with your shop whenever they want to. This helps improve customer engagement and user experience by allowing them to contact you immediately, at any time of the day.

2. Chatbot can answer FAQs quickly

Generally, customers like to ask questions before purchasing. Most of the time, there are frequently asked questions. Another advantage of chatbot is to help with FAQs response which can save a lot of your time and energy.

3. Save Costs

Not only save time responding to customers, but also save cost on human resources. Chatbot helps in reducing the cost incurred on a customer support team.

Top 5 of Chatbot Providers in 2021

Page365 chatbot messenger


Page365, an all-in-one social commerce management system on Facebook Page, and Instagram integration. Page365 provides a Facebook chatbot and Instagram auto-reply messages for Free! You can also customize reply messages that help to answer frequently asked questions. Have worry-free weekends with chatbot assistants that help you inform customers. Another important feature is the order status update messages that will notify customers when the order status has been changed. You can fully customize your auto-reply message to suit the usage, and collect the channel for a chatbot to reply, for example, reply in chatbox, reply in the comment section, or turn comment to the messenger.  Page365 also support both of Android and iOS app.

Kaojao Chatbot messenger

KAOJAO or Kaojao Chatbot is another chatbot provider from Thailand. It’s one of the chatbot assistants for online sellers on a Facebook platform that can reply to customers’ queries based on set up keywords, turn comments to messengers, and accept payment from customers. Kaojao Chatbot starts from 590 Baht/month.

*Kaojao does not support Android and iOS apps.

ZWIZ.AI chatbot messenger


Zwiz is another interesting AI chatbot system that supports both Facebook Page and Line Official Account (Line OA). Zwiz provides a basic chatbot feature free trial package. The highlight is its ability to learn from behaviors, for example, learn spelling mistakes without checking from setting up keywords, customize unlimited Q&A, and work along with a page admin.

*ZWIZ.AI does not support Android and iOS apps.

manychat chatbot messenger


Even ManyChat is a chatbot provider owned by an international company, there are many online stores in the Philippines using it. Not only that it’s free, but the features can also be customized, for example, customize various texts or interactions for an auto-response, and determine customer’s reactions. Manychat also supports Android and iOS apps.

botcake chatbot messenger


Botcake is an AI chatbot designed for selling via chatbox. Botcake assists with comment responses and chatbox responses for 24 hours a day. The cool thing about Botcake is that it supports multiple platforms like the Facebook page, Instagram, ZaloOA and Whatsapp. Botcake starts to use for free.

*Botcake does not support Android and iOS apps.

What do you think about the chatbot content that Chris collected for you today? This might help you know more about chatbots and decide which chatbot provider you should use for your shop. Each provider has different highlighted features, so do some research about them before you decide which one is suitable for you.

If your shop is on many social media platforms, you may want to use chatbot messenger and a back-end management system in a one-stop service – unify chats from every channel and manage orders. Page365 is one of the options to help you reply to customers, sell products, and close your sales faster.

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