Branding online business

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It can be a bit frustrating to find that your best-selling products are also sold by competitors which causes fierce market competition. However, the way to stand out when you’re selling the same products as everyone else is to build your own brand.

Branding is the art of giving your online business a distinct personality that helps with customer recognition and maintaining product relevance in a competitive market.

In this blog, Chris will present 5 ways to build your brand - for people who consider building and maintaining a strong brand for their online business.

1) Create Brand Identity

For your brand to stand out, it needs to have its own character, mood and tone to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Logo creation must be related to the mood & tone of the brand that you want to communicate. The key aspect of a good logo is that it is memorable and is able to communicate a brand personality where consumers can easily recognize and recall the logo and brand.

2) Determine Your Brand Value

The core of determining brand values, along with a fine brand communication strategy, helps shape the brand’s story and community of your brand, ensuring that you connect with your customers in a meaningful way. Brand values include a verbal identity, which outlines your brand personality, and your visual identity, which includes slogans and contents that are beneficial for target audiences. Tell customers about your service concept and the core of your brand, and cultivate this connection with your customers.

3) Know Your Customers

Think about what kind of products you’ll be selling and who they’ll serve. Try to be specific with your target audience even your products can be sold to everyone. Identifying your audience will help you choose a brand voice, design, content, and the right marketing strategy to connect with potential buyers.

4) Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

variety of social media platform

After knowing your target audience, it’s time to find out what social media platform they spend their time on. Nowadays, people spend many hours on social media and receive many news and ads every day. Decide which platform could most help you reach a target audience effectively. Make one platform for your starting point, then continuously develop a branding strategy by adding more social media platforms as you go.

5) Research Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is important for branding. You can learn from your competitors and other industries that have strong marketing strategies on how they build their brands, what are their marketing strategies, what social media platform they mainly use to present their products, and what are their brand’s character; to gain a better understanding of your target audience. Engaging with potential customers on your channel is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your platform and increase sales.

Branding is important for your online business to project yourself in the way that you want to be perceived. If you already had your online shop, a thoughtful approach to your brand will help open the opportunity and make it easier to do effective marketing.

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