A Guide To Re-Engaging Customers Effectively

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Everyone who sells stuff or runs any business online will know how important it is to have a solid marketing strategy. When done correctly, advertising can help drive people to your page, learn more about your products or services, and encourage them to buy. It sounds easy and straightforward. However, broadcasting your message to your target customers takes patience because you'll need to do it consistently. You won't be able to reach or catch everyone's attention with just one campaign, let alone encourage them to buy.

Most of the time, when people see the messages you're broadcasting, they tend to either ignore it or just bookmark it in their heads because they might not have a need for whatever it is you're offering at the moment. The timing won't be right each time.

This is why retargeting campaigns are essential. Reaching out to your audience at a different time after they've viewed your page or website can help remind them of your products and offerings when they actually need them. Each time a visitor leaves your page or website without making a purchase, you can easily retarget them by showing them a similar text or visual ads even when they visit other pages or websites.

Use the Right Tools

As with everything else, it is vital to use the right tools when planning to do retargeting campaigns. You can't just recklessly send too many and do a Facebook spam to increase your sales and customer base. This is likely to backfire, especially with Facebook's 24-hour limit on broadcast messages. Any type of broadcasting message should be scheduled strategically to yield the best results. Ideally, there has to be a space between messages to avoid spamming. However, if you're running a more aggressive campaign, especially during peak seasons and holidays, you can easily do away with Facebook's 24-hour limit by using Page365's new unique feature that's specifically designed for online sellers to run a safe broadcasting campaign. Using this feature allows you to send a variety of multiple broadcast messages such as promotions, news, or any updates without the fear of getting blocked by Facebook.

You can also use various other retargeting advertising platforms such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook retargeting to maximize your campaign. Whatever you choose, be certain to have the right message prepared before you send it to many. The right messages sent at the right time can do wonders to increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Choose the Right Timing to Run Campaigns

The truth is retargeting campaigns should be part of your general marketing strategy. This is more effective when done long-term. It is equally important when you're just starting out and promoting your brand as well as when your website or page is starting to gain a significant amount of monthly visitors.
The best time to run retargeting ads is when you want to speed up moving your inventory, introduce a new collection or product, and promote bestsellers.

When you're in the business of direct selling online, you've probably encountered several slow-moving items in your inventory at least a couple of times. There are various reasons why some items move slower than others. However, one of the simplest and least expensive ways to showcase these surplus items to your customers is through retargeting ads.

The same thing also goes for introducing new products and collections. When you're launching a new product or a service, go after the people who have shown interest in your brand and other offerings first. These people are likely to convert into customers because they might have been just waiting for the product you were about to introduce.

Retargeting ads are another tool you can use to promote your bestsellers. This helps win back the attention of past customers and draw in new ones.

Finally, retargeting also helps you build brand awareness. Your prospective customers will always want to know if they trust you before they make a purchase. Brand awareness and brand familiarity help them build that trust.

Make Use of More Than One Marketing Channel

Using more than one marketing channel can help you catch all the traffic and conversions you can potentially have. By increasing your reach and visibility, you are likely to sell more at a faster rate. You can combine different tools and platforms to get the most ROI in your campaigns. For instance, you can drive traffic to your website or page with a simple Facebook or Instagram ad or with an email. But driving in traffic is not enough. Most people don't even consider purchasing anything right after they see your email or the first time they see an ad unless it is something they need badly. You have to stay visible and relevant so the next time they think of needing a product similar to yours, they automatically remember you.

Customers make up their minds about buying after hearing about you more than a few times. So make sure your brand is out there, clearly visible, and accessible for anyone looking to buy whatever you are selling.

The Bottom Line

Building customer trust is easy. However, it does take time. You'll need to be consistent with your branding and messaging and aim to offer continuous satisfaction with both your products and services. Bringing in traffic is useless if you can't convince them to return or at least make a single purchase.

You'll need time and patience, especially if you are just starting out. You'll need to be thoughtful with the message you put out there for all types of audiences to see. Moreover, you need to learn how to follow up with your audience to build more engagement as well as reinforce your message and brand. You'll need all the best tools you can find when starting out but do make sure you use them properly, or else you'll just be wasting money instead of maximizing your business's earning potential.

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