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“Discount for your friend, earn for yourself”
Join our Affiliate Program to earn unlimited income by just sharing a special discount code to your friend to use Page365 and receive commission up to 100% from the first billing cycle of your friend.
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Discount for your Friend

Share a monthly fee discount up to 50%* for the integrated order management system (Page365) for the first time via Referral URL of the referrer

Earn for yourself

Commission up to 100% from the first payment of monthly or yearly subscription of your friend who subscribe through referrer referral URL
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Why should online merchants must use a comprehensive online store management system - What can Page365 do?

4 easy steps to apply - start earning immediately!

1. Fill out the form for your information to register the Affiliate Program Click to register
2. Received your Referral URL and other information via an email
3. Refer the discount using your Referral ULR through various channels
4. Wait for your commission up to 100% through GCash transfer from the first purchase

5 reason you should join Page365 affiliate program

1. Giving gifts and expressing good wishes by forwarding discounts on good services from Page365, allowing online merchants to manage their back-office systems efficiently by using Page365.
2. Generate unlimited income without investment. Just press apply to our Affiliate Program. You can earn income immediately 24 hours a day, no subscription fees, and no limit on the amount of income. The more you refer, the more you get income.
3. Easy promotion by just sharing the referral URL to your social media and Referral URL with full service details ready for your friends to sign up!
4. Worry free with a notification system. When referral avail or subscribe to Page365 service, real time notification system will notify the status of your current sales and income.
5. Anyone can join the program. Page365 Affiliate program is not limited to application users only. The general public can also apply and earn income with us by just sharing good services from Page365. You can get to know Page365 services, click here!
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Terms and Condition
Scope, Terms and Condition
Once you register to our “Page365 Affiliate Program” organized by Softbaked Company limited (“Company” or “We”) will assume that you (“Referrer” or “Affiliate”) accept the terms of participation in the activity and other details specified within the website including those that may be amended in the future.

“Page365 Affiliate Program” is intended for Affiliates to promote the integrated online store management system that Page365 offer to new customers who haven’t or never used the system to compensate in the for of commission from the sales shares.
Conditions for Joining the Program
In order to participate in the ”Page365 Affiliate Program”, the Referrer is required to complete the following conditions:

1.Apply in the program with the company by registering to this link Apply to the Program
2.You will need to use the Referral URL sent by the Company via the email you registered to promote new customers purchasing the Company's online store management system for the first time.
3.Referrals will be considered successful and are only eligible to earn commissions when new customers use your Referral URL to add a store and pay the service fee for the first time by adding a store. It must be a Facebook Page that has never been connected to the Page365 online store management system or is a press to add a new store on the Page365 online store management system only.
4.New customers who use your Referral URL to pay for their services will receive a discount on the monthly service fee for first order only
5.You can refer new customers to pay service subscription of the company without limiting the number of new customers each month.
6.You can not use the referral URL you have received to order services with the company for yourself. Your breach will be deemed to have failed to comply with the conditions set forth in these terms and conditions.
7.The discounts that new customers receive through your Referral URL are considered part of the promotion and cannot be used with other promotions. If a new customer chooses to use another promotion (if any), you will not receive a commission.
8.Softbaked Company Limited reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Note: New customers are considered as customers who pay monthly subscription or annual subscription fee for the first time
Referral commission and discounts for new customers
Referral commissions are earned for referring new clients and the discount that new customers will receive from signing up via the referral URL sent by the referrer. The details are as follows.


Affiliates earn a commission from their referrals when a new client complete their payment. A commission earned at the rate of fifty (50) percent of the net payment amount after new customer discount (as stated in the section below) when a new customer purchases the integrated online store management service of the company's monthly package membership type. Affiliate will receive a commission of twenty (20) percent of the net payment amount when new customers purchase the company's integrated online store management system service of the annual package subscription.

New clients using the Referral URL of the Referral must be customers who have never made any purchases or use services on the Company's platform before. If there is a problem, ask the management or an authorized officer of the company as stated.

The company's comprehensive online store management service is a continuous payment service(Subscription), which the referrer will receive such commission in the first billing cycle that the new customer pays only.

The commission will be calculated and paid to the referral at the end of every month (within the 15th day of the following month) via GCash transfer account that the referrer has specified in the registration process to create a member account. However, if the Company checks and finds that the customer using the discount from the Referral URL of the Referral has previously purchased the Company's products or services, the referrer will not receive any commission on the part of that customer.

New Customer Discount

When a new customer has used the referrer's Referral URL at checkout, customers will receive a discount of the company's comprehensive online store management service at the rate of fifty (50) percent of the package price in the first billing cycle by the discount of the service fee as mentioned above applicable for monthly package membership service only.

Discounts obtained from Referral URLs of Referrals. It cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. If new customers decide to use discounts from other promotions, referrals will not receive any commission.

The customer must not have previously purchased or registered for the service using any email address or any affiliate account to purchase any product or service of the company's platform.

Note the commission rate for referrals and the discount rate for new customers is subject to change without prior notice.
Sample calculation of discount and commission
Assign that

The referral took place between 1 - 31 Mar 20XX.“Affiliate” successfully introduced 2 customers, namely Customer A and Customer B.Customer A purchases a monthly package “PRO Live” valued at 2,990 php/month.Customer B purchases an annual package “PRO Live” worth 19,990 php/year.

Discount calculation

Customer A is a new customer, will receive a 50% discount on the package in the first month, leaving a total payment of 1,495 php.Customer B is a new customer who purchases an annual package that is cheaper and the price is reduced from the normal package to 46% with a total payment of 19,990 baht

Commission calculation

Affiliates will receive a commission of 100% monthly package referrals from Customer A, amounting to 1,495 php x 100% = 1,495 php.Affiliates will receive 20% commission annually package referral from customer B. The amount is 19,990 php x 20% = 3,998 php.Total from your referrals, a commission of 5,493 php, paid by April 15, 20XX (within the 15th day of the next month).
Fraud prevention
The company reserves the right to investigate any Page365 Affiliate Program participants for fraud and will take steps to stop such practices. This action is at the sole discretion of the Company. This may include suspension of member accounts, cancel the commission that the referrer is entitled to receive, reclaim the commission earned by the referral if fraud is detected or the specified conditions are not met, or cancel the use of the referrer's referral code if the company finds any activity that may cause harm, fraud or violation of the terms and conditions.

Page365 Affiliate Program

“The more you give…The more you receive”