Admins of Page365

Q1: What is the Page365 shop admin?
A1: The shop admin is someone who can access and operate your Page365 account. The shop admin have to be Facebook Page admin of the page that you connected to Page365.

Q2: If I’m already an admin of the Facebook Page, can I access to Page365 system?
A2: An Facebook admin page must register to Page365 first before having access to the Page365 system.

Register to be an Admin of Page365

     1. Admins of the Facebook Page who want to access the Page365 system need to be or must have the status of being an Admin or Editor of the Facebook Page.
     2. Admins who wants to have access and become a new admin to Page365 needs to register the Page365 user account Free Register
     3. After signing up, press the add page to access the system right away.

Adding or remove Page365 admin

     1. Go to Settings on your Page365 account.
     2. Select Admin on the left-hand menu.
     3. Select the admin name to add-remove
    4. press Update admin.
Note: Admin without a check mark in front of the name will not be able to access the Page365 system.

What to do when the number of admins is more than what each package allows?

You can press upgrade to a higher package from the system.

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