How to Maximize Your Customer Reach Using Facebook for Business

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Foolproof brand identity and a solid marketing strategy may go to waste if you're just spending time broadcasting on the wrong platform. Choosing the right platform and utilizing the right tools is just as important as having the right marketing strategy. In fact, it should be part of the strategy itself. If you're a small business owner, you should be well aware by now of the importance of using various social media platforms such as Facebook as a tool to grow your business. With billions of active users, Facebook has undeniably grown to become a vital tool in direct selling and social media marketing.

To maximize the potential of your Facebook business page, below are several important things you can do, from increasing page quality, Facebook marketing, direct selling, and more.

Study the Basics of Facebook Advertising

There's been a lot of improvements made with Facebook ad-targeting throughout the last couple of years. It's now easier for users to customize ad campaigns by allowing them to choose which type of ad campaign they want to run. They also have the option to target custom audiences and structure their campaign objectives.

If you're unsure and want to test out several versions of the same ads, you can easily run multiple ones at the same time and find out which one is more effective. This helps you maximize both your time and budget.

Broadcasting and reaching out to your target audience has never been easier with all these new tools. However, you need to take the time to learn how they work so you can set up your campaign properly.

Set a Clear Objective for Your Ads

Ad campaigns with a clear objective are more effective. It will help you keep track and assess your progress better. That way, you'll be better equipped to know when it's time to change or tweak your marketing strategy. Setting goals can be as simple as wanting to get more engagement or draw in more followers or page visits.

Once the objective has been set, it will be easier for you to choose between two types of common ads to run. You can choose between lead ads or dynamic ads. Lead ads make it easier for viewers to get a hold of information they're looking for, while dynamic ads are designed to showcase relevant products from your catalog in order to retarget customers who have shown interest previously. The latter makes retargeting customers much easier. It's best for promoting products that are seasonal or products that are back in stock.

Create Compelling Video Posts

High-quality video content does well on any platform, especially on Facebook. It may take more effort than doing regular image posts or ads but investing a bit of time to produce high-quality video ads can help your marketing efforts take off. Broadcasting to a larger audience is easier. It also helps build brand trust by making your brand more relatable and visible.

Maximize All Avenues to Interact With Your Audience

Marketing doesn't end right after a carefully crafted post has been made. In fact, it only starts there. You have to remember that posts are created and shared to enhance engagement. So after an effort has been made to reach out to customers, you have to diligently respond to every question, comment, and concern. Broadcasting on social media can be deemed pointless if you ignore every query you get. The more you cater to your audience's concerns, the more they are likely to turn into your customers. So make sure to do your best to respond and interact with your audience as timely as possible.

You can even update them continuously by sending follow-up messages customized according to their queries. Since a lot of customer concerns are similar, you can even create a customized message that answers all similar questions and then send it to many. If you don't have enough time or people to constantly check your messages and comments, you can make use of Page365's NTN feature. This safe broadcasting feature allows you to handle a huge bulk of messages in the most efficient way possible. It has also partnered with Facebook, so you won't have to worry about the frequency of your broadcasts. Although it's ideal not to spam messenger and run the risk of annoying your audience, you can do away with the strict 24-hour limit policy that Facebook has imposed on broadcast messages. You can send many as customized messages as you can if you're gunning for a more aggressive marketing approach.

Give Variety to Your Posts and Content

This goes without saying that everything should align with your brand identity but when you're curating your posts and ads, make sure not everything is promotional. Throw in a few engaging posts, too, something your audience can relate to. This helps customers warm up to your brand, and while the point is to sell, it makes it less about profiting and more about helping consumers with whatever need it is that your products can fill.

You can spam messenger as often as you like, but if it feels like the customer is being forced to buy or patronize your product, they'll never read it or even pay attention to it. However, if it feels like you are genuinely concerned about providing them with your service or product, it feels more convincing for the consumer.

Use Reliable Tools to Help You And Measure Your Progress

There are a lot of analytics tools you can use to help gauge how well your marketing strategy is doing. You can review page views, you can count the number of people you've reached, and can track post engagements. These numbers will help you assess the efficiency of your social media campaigns. You can decide which type of posts to maintain and which type of posting style to change.

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