Facebook Live Selling Tips and Ideas

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Due to social media platforms' increasing support for live streaming capabilities and growing viewer interest in highly engaging, unfiltered video events, Facebook Live video content has surged in popularity. In 2016, Facebook Live became one of the top three live streaming platforms across all age groups, making it a popular destination for this kind of video content. The phrase "live streaming" may not have been all that well-known a few years ago, but it has gained enormous popularity recently and for a good reason. Many streamers have made thousands of pesos by live-selling goods to local audiences and in other countries.

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Here is a collection of advice and suggestions to advance and level up your live selling. Many people want to participate in the live-selling game but need clarification about how to increase their numbers.

1. Broadcast live at night when more viewers are online

Users are most active at specific times, such as outside working hours, when everyone has finished dinner and is unwinding with some phone use. Many people know this, but only some use it to their advantage. Determine when your followers are most active.

According to iPrice's insight, Filipino online shoppers were most active from 7 p.m. onwards, and online transactions peaked at 9 p.m. The hours may differ if your customers are from overseas, so check which hours work best for your audience. Use this information to increase your viewers and catch as many eyeballs and prospective buyers as possible.

Infographics from https://iprice.ph/

2. Don't be scared to be outspoken and expressive

Remember the last time you tuned in and remained to watch a live sale? You probably stayed not only because the products were appealing but also because the host was entertaining. Viewers favor personable and expressive hosts because they interact with their viewers more effectively. A few of the most successful live-sellers, including Madam Inutz, became viral for their amusing hosting and larger-than-life personalities. After all, you want to avoid listening to a deadpan presenter droning on about their products for hours, as if you're sitting in a tedious lecture trying to stay on track. Being loud, witty, or even coming up with a catchphrase will help keep spectators interested.

3. Create mini-games to keep your audience interested

Since the invention of games, brands have utilized them to sell themselves. Since those early days, technology has advanced, and games are now more accessible than ever and can be employed cost-effectively. Giving people the chance to win something is a great engagement motivator, ranging from product-related incentives to online gift cards or something from your live sale.

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4. Stream simultaneously on a wide range of platforms

Live selling your brand on many platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, is an excellent approach to expanding the number of people who view your movie. Rather than dividing your time and audience with many live streams, you may reach more people simultaneously with this method. Going live on several platforms straight through the app may assist in speeding up your procedures.

Even though it may be a demanding effort from an organizational standpoint, some platforms can ease this procedure, such as Page365, which automates the ordering of customers from your Facebook & Instagram live selling.

5. Maintain a Consistent and reliable Live Selling schedule

Consistency, like everything else in life, is required to see results. Maintaining a consistent streaming schedule helps establish a solid following since viewers know when to expect you to stream. Taking long breaks between broadcasts will cause people to forget you, much like celebrities leave social media when they wish to be forgotten. Create and stick to a regular streaming schedule. We discovered that the best number of times to stream in a week is three, each for an hour.

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Online Live Selling on Facebook is a beautiful way to reach out to new and existing customers, strengthen relationships, and drive repeat purchases. Live selling may help improve customers' perceptions of businesses and products if the video material is relevant to the audience. With proper planning, shops can avoid the majority of possible live streaming stumbling blocks, making Facebook Live a marketing and selling tool that most businesses should use. Page365 can help your live selling by automating your live order process, automatically cutting your stocks, and sending invoices directly to your customer’s inbox when they type the product code, whether from Facebook or Instagram.

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