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Anyone who has been following online sales trends knows that live streaming or Facebook live is exploded in popularity. Facebook live has become very popular for online selling whether it is a clothing or bag shop because it is convenient to go live from anywhere, anytime, and you can create real-time interactions with your customers. Let’s get to know Facebook live, how to go live on Facebook, and how to create Facebook live videos that people want to watch as well as the indispensable live tools and closing the deal techniques through live selling that’s going to boost up your sales to the moon!

What is Live Streaming?

“Live streaming” is a Facebook feature used to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. You can go live on Facebook from your personal profile, a group, an event or a Page. Online sellers can live stream their content to engage their audience including followers and new audiences.

According to Facebook statistics, Facebook live posts get 68% more engagement than other post types and it’s likely to continue increasing, followed by image posts, link posts and so on, respectively. It is, of course, not too late to start live streaming on Facebook, because Facebook Live is a free and easy-to-use tool to boost your online sales.

How Live Streaming Helps Boost Your Online Sales?

Today, purchasing online is accepted by many. We usually purchase something because we see a product, product features, its color, and how to use it. Live broadcasting is therefore an online sales channel that meets consumers’ demands.

Live selling provides real-time engagement and can help increase exposure and increase an opportunity to close the deal. Some audiences may not purchase for the first time watching your live video, but you have an opportunity to close the sale in the future as this group of customers usually are interested in your product, but they would like to see the product result and feedback from other customers first. In addition, live broadcasts can also store data to create lookalike and remarketing campaigns in the future.

If a customer would like to “Mine” a product in your live selling shop, you can close the sale and settle an invoice online while you are live streaming with automated invoice settlement which helps online sellers save time on rechecking a live video and taking notes of customer orders when the live feed ends.

How to Sell Products Using Facebook Live

  • Step 1: Go to Facebook page where you want to go live and click Publish
  • Step 2: Click Live video in the post options
  • Step 3: Create a title for the live broadcast
  • Step 4: Tap start live video when you are ready
how to sell product using Facebook live

Live Streaming Tips: How to Get More Live Stream Viewers?

Most online sellers have the same problem when it comes to live streaming – Hitting Go Live button and getting just a few viewers throughout the entire broadcast. In this blog, we have put together 5 live streaming techniques to help you get more viewers on your live selling shop.

  • Promote your live streaming in advance: inform your followers the exact day and time you plan to go live by posting interesting messages or pictures along with promotions to attract the target audience.
  • Prepare an outline and products: have an outline with notes on what you are selling and get your products ready. You can start by telling the story of your products, for example, if you sell clothes, you can recommend them about fabric care guide, or you can pick up some trending topic at that time to talk with viewers.
  • Find your identity in live broadcast: The key to get the viewers is not fancy video editing and design. It’s being authentic. Talk to people, show them the true you, and have two-way conversations. Some audiences follow the shop because they like the seller or like their selling style.
  • Engage your audience: the first thing you have to do when starting live is to greet people who are joining. Wait for a moment to get the audience ready, then start introducing your products and demonstrate how to use the product. Pay attention to things people are asking you on your feed and try to respond to questions as much as you can, especially about the products you have. You may even mention some viewers’ names during your live. This will encourage viewers to engage more with you during the broadcast!
  • Promotion: create a promotion or organize games to giveaway free trial products to attract a target audience.

Live Streaming Equipment Guide

  • Internet: it’s the most important factor in live broadcast because it is online selling. You must have a strong internet connection because viewers tend to have less patience for bad internet connections, so make sure you get good internet.
  • Lighting: it helps improve your presence and products in live streams.
  • Microphone: a built-in microphone may not be sufficient for broadcasting. We recommend you get a high-quality microphone so that the audience can hear you clearly.
  • Shelves: adjust your shelf in a position that is easy to pick up your products and is able to see in the background.
  • Signage: inform customers about product information.
  • Tripod: live streaming via phone without a tripod can make your video shaky.

Live streaming is an effective sale booster that is convenient and easy to use. To get started, you just have to learn how to live stream and get to know your target audience so that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations, and lastly create a uniqueness. Audience tend to follow someone who has their own distinct presence.

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